TJ’s other interests

TJ is not just an author, he has various other interests, his main love is mathematics (after his wife of course , he adds hurredly). TJ went to Cambridge university and studied chemistry guided in that direction by his dad who was a chemist. TJ came away with a PhD in chemistry eventually, having lived the student life of looking into the bottom of many beer glasses. He also worked extremely hard which brought him his title Dr. Working at ICI brought the realisation that chemistry was not really a passion and after watching paint dry 

and salt flow etc boredom kicked in and he decided to follow his love of maths. He returned to university and earned his BSc & MSc. He ended up lecturing in maths at several universities but he soon realised academia had its issues to contend with  too, not necessarily connected to mathematics but more connected with bureaucracy, retention  and targets.  So when the opportunity arose to escape via redundancy of senior staff, he snatched at it faster than a rat up a drainpipe!  TJ now seems to stand  6 inches taller and doesn’t dread the onset of September in June (other than it will be the end of the summer) because of the new term starting again.

Now TJ has the freedom to pursue his other interests, as well as mathematical things: Like cricket,

England winning Ashes 2015
Joe Root and TJ
TJ and wife with Joe Root. Joe looks great, Shame about our photos.

Fell walking

TJ on top of Brant Fell by Windermere
TJ loves fell walking in the Lake District

walking in general, cycling, making up silly songs, compiling CDs of some non run-of -the-mill songs, Christmas CDs and others. TJ also claims not to be political but does spend a lot of time rooting out accurate news, where possible, to compare with mainstream media’s versions of the same events       ( not always easy). This has mainly stemmed from his Christian convictions and beliefs, but also from the mainstream media’s contradictions and bias.