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What has grapefruit got to do with it? Read the book and find out!

TJ can also be followed on Facebook – TJRogersukauthor ,

Twitter -TJRogers_author,  Linked In and the Matador website, where my debut novel is available to purchase from 31st March 2017

Website address of Troubador, (Matador) publishers of my ebook.

Which Way Switch can be bought direct from this site or it is available on Amazon as an ebook  in the Kindle store and most of the other ebook websites eg. Barnes and Noble, Kobo, apple or ibooks.

A reduction in price to 99p for only a month started today .

I am keen to get readers to review the book for me, as well as buy it. It is aimed at 9 to 12year olds, so parents I encourage you to buy it for your youngsters and help them to write a review on this website or on my Facebook page or Twitter.

A paperback version will be available in due course.