The joys of not being a computer geek

Never realised the difficulties of trying to do things computer based when I don’t really understand what I’m doing.  5 minutes to set this up…no I’m afraid not , started on this journey yesterday and now it’s today. But thank goodness for good support teams I’m finally up and running.


Book Launch Day for Which Way Switch

So the day finally arrived and my debut children’s novel Which Way Switch was launched on the world, not exactly the QE2 but starting off as a dinghy with aspirations.

Old fashioned light switch with green glow          Book cover for Which Way Switch.

Lucas comes across an old light switch in his garage that he has never noticed before. It glows green and kind of invites him to flick it down. So he does, but does anything happen? Apparently not…so he puts it out of his mind. But next day…  

Excitement has meant  I could not concentrate on writing more of the sequel or prepping anything to do with my tutoring job. I was too busy hovering over Amazon website looking for anything remotely connected with the book. It was added as a hot new release and it made number 98 in top 100 new children’s books. I’ve not purchased a new villa in France yet tho…just in case. How long will this excitement and intense interest in its activity last I wonder? Does Michael Morpurgo still feel this intensity of emotion with his new books?

Now to await the book reviews, hoping each reader will consider leaving comments or reviews which will spur on the arrival of the sequel.

Meet Lucas an ordinary boy in an extraordinary situation

yellow grapefruit
What’s grapefruit got to do with it?

All he wanted to do was be a brilliant goalkeeper and to play for England, then he had his debut match as goalkeeper for Milnside School and it all went horribly wrong.

If only his little sister wasn’t so very annoying if only Jessica would take a bit more notice of him and not hang around with the awful bully Butch. If only he didn’t have to do maths tests or tidy his room. At least he has a best friend Archie to turn to and that’s a funny thing…I’ve never seen that switch in the garage before!