Which Way Switch, One week on from launch.

I have become fascinated by the comings and goings or ups and downs of my book’s  status on amazon.co.uk Which Way Switch. I find myself looking far too frequently at its various positions in the top 100 of any category it fits into. Then I look at its overall performance amongst all the books on Amazon and it feels quite disheartening.

I need to remember why I wrote the book…it was for my own pleasure first and foremost- the fact that I can write and enjoy doing it. Hopefully, other people will enjoy what I write too; that is the reason I decided to publish as an ebook first, then move on to a paperback version. The other factor though is that is was aimed at 9 to 12 -year-olds and will they be trawling through Kindle store looking for their next good book to read? Will be their parents doing the searching on their behalf? I have found that the adults I know who have bought the book, enjoyed it too when I’ve had feedback. Thinking of other success stories e.g Harry Potter books (which were originally aimed at the younger reader ) what was it that made the breakthrough to all ages clamouring for those books? Will people start queuing outside bookstores for the latest novel from my series?  Do I really want that sort of fame and fortune? My initial thoughts are: not that much…at this time. Maybe later I might change my mind. But for now…I must try to continue with the sequel to Which Way Switch and try not to peek at the ratings too often. ( ooh it’s just crept back up to number 22 in the time travel section)

Maybe another cup of coffee will help or some cakey stuff. 


Which Way Switch cover image changes, what do you think?

The Original cover image without the changes and what a difference it makes.

Boy beside green glowing switch
original image by Sharon Cash the illustrator

The cover as revised by my publisher Matador.

Boy beside old fashioned light switch
Which way should the switch be …up or down?

So interesting what can be done with online editing. Can you always believe what you see in images these days? The Loch Ness monster could be made very believable. I love the slightly nervous, inquisitive, awestruck face of Lucas. He was soon to find out why he should be nervous !



Book Launch Day for Which Way Switch

So the day finally arrived and my debut children’s novel Which Way Switch was launched on the world, not exactly the QE2 but starting off as a dinghy with aspirations.

Old fashioned light switch with green glow          Book cover for Which Way Switch.

Lucas comes across an old light switch in his garage that he has never noticed before. It glows green and kind of invites him to flick it down. So he does, but does anything happen? Apparently not…so he puts it out of his mind. But next day…  

Excitement has meant  I could not concentrate on writing more of the sequel or prepping anything to do with my tutoring job. I was too busy hovering over Amazon website looking for anything remotely connected with the book. It was added as a hot new release and it made number 98 in top 100 new children’s books. I’ve not purchased a new villa in France yet tho…just in case. How long will this excitement and intense interest in its activity last I wonder? Does Michael Morpurgo still feel this intensity of emotion with his new books?

Now to await the book reviews, hoping each reader will consider leaving comments or reviews which will spur on the arrival of the sequel.

Meet Lucas an ordinary boy in an extraordinary situation

yellow grapefruit
What’s grapefruit got to do with it?

All he wanted to do was be a brilliant goalkeeper and to play for England, then he had his debut match as goalkeeper for Milnside School and it all went horribly wrong.

If only his little sister wasn’t so very annoying if only Jessica would take a bit more notice of him and not hang around with the awful bully Butch. If only he didn’t have to do maths tests or tidy his room. At least he has a best friend Archie to turn to and that’s a funny thing…I’ve never seen that switch in the garage before!