All about TJ

Having escaped academia, where he spent much of his working life as a university Maths lecturer,

TJ finds he is not a number but a free man. They did chase after him but he was just too quick for them.

So now he can devote more time to writing children’s stories. He has been writing on and off (a bit like that pesky Which Way Switch) for over a decade now. From this comes TJ’s first published novel, Which Way Switch, primarily for 9-12’s., TJ thinks it will appeal to children of all ages from 9-99. He is now busy writing the sequel (unless you’re reading this at 3 a.m GMT).

When he is not busy writing and it’s not 3 a.m GMT, TJ likes riding his bike, walking and/or climbing up any hills that he happens upon, eating ice-cream, cakey stuff plus a chocolate biscuit for lunch,

and singing silly made-up songs. Indeed he has plans one day to try doing all at once but he is worried about choking.

TJ still loves Maths and thinks nothing could be better than a cosy afternoon in with tea and some differential equations. He gets hot under the collar about current affairs whilst claiming not to like politics and thinks vitamin D may be the answer to everything. Besides being a lecturer, TJ has had a number of jobs in the past, one of the more exciting being watching paint dry at ICI. It did. He has three children and an amazingly lovely wife called Strawberry, who is great at making cakey stuff and doubles up as his social media manager. She claims to be a little deaf but that could be linked to listening to his silly made-up songs( or trying not to).