About the New Book -Which Way Switch

This book is about Lucas an ordinary 12 year old boy who doesn’t excel in anything particularly but does love football and would love to play for England. He has a little sister that he finds very annoying. He also admires from afar Jessica but she is part of his rival Butch’s  gang, the star goal-keeper.

Lucas would rather watch tv than do his maths homework or tidy his room, his squabbles with his little sister are typical …she wants to watch her princess programmes and play with her doll while.  She has a knack of getting mummy’s attention by crying excessively to get her own way or see that her brother gets into trouble.

Archie is Lucas’s best mate and helps give him confidence in his abilities when he has to step in as the replacement goalie. He is not so emotionally volatile as Lucas.

The story is one of ups and downs and downs again, never quite sure what will happen next. And what about the delightful but teasing  Jessica, that Lucas admires- rather too obviously?