Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2019



If you have never heard of ‘The Wishing Shelf Book Awards’, neither had I till a few months ago. But it’s an award scheme that is likely to be more helpful than nearly every other award scheme there may be ‘out there’. I have entered my fabulous¬† ( I would say that wouldn’t I?) middle reader book, ‘Which Way Switch’. But, as I understand it, the manuscript doesn’t just disappear into a mountain of manuscripts never to be seen again. Real children are going to read it and give their real comments on it. I paid a bit extra to receive feedback, which I think is well worth the money and effort.¬† So the cover, blurb, grammar, layout and of course the storyline will be commented upon; this will, of course, be helpful for me in every possible way. If ‘Which Way Switch’ is considered good enough, it will then be entered into the selection of finalists to be judged.

I am really looking forward to the process and receiving my feedback. I think I will celebrate each stage of the process with some gooey chocolate cake (any excuse)…as would Lucas.