Paperback on the way

Having appeared to be in hibernation for far too long I have finally got moving & motivated again . I have uploaded the book file from the ebook file to a pdf file to at last get the paperback book ‘out there’. I know many people are reading books on Kindles, tablets, laptops & other digital means but I still think you can’t beat having the hard copy in your hand & turning the pages. Especially for youngsters in the 9 to 12 year old bracket. I well remember reading under the bedclothes as a child, especially when I was supposed to be sleeping, this of course was later followed by listening to radio Caroline or Luxemburg under the covers( very quietly) with ear pressed to the speaker ha ha !!

I have restarted editing the 2nd in the Lucas trilogy as well after a rather too long break. It’s great to get back into the storylines again. I am however still unsure of a title …again! Get those creative juices flowing & I’m sure it will become obvious.

I have offered a free paperback of Which Way Switch to those who are interested. So if you are one of the first 3 I will send you a signed first edition. So if you leave an email address I will get it to you.

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