British weather …always a good topic.

“A few drops of rain tapped against the window panes of the School Hall. It was a kind of polite tip-tapping as if the drops knew they ought not to be disturbing Mrs Thackray’s announcements. But before long, the polite drops had been replaced by a ruder sort and the gentle tapping became a hammering as rain lashed against the glass. Heads turned sideways to look. The rain turned to hail and the hammering gave way to a loud clacking noise like two thousand knitting needles were knitting a thousand jumpers. This got everyone’s attention, and for a short while, Mrs Thackray’s announcements were lost to the weather.”

ch: 7 Which Way Switch

This was how the weather was described in ‘ Which Way Switch ‘ obviously after years of experience of it. Cumbria is a county which gets more than its fair share of rain I suppose but that too is the reason it is called the Lake District, lakes don’t appear from drought. It’s lovely when we do have a warm and dry period though. Last Saturday was an interesting day. Thunder, lightning, heavy rain, garden flooded in places and plants flattened… then it happened all over again later. How was a cricket fan supposed to keep up with the ODI with the TV not working too?

But on the upside…no watering of the plants to┬ádo.