Which Way Switch, One week on from launch.

I have become fascinated by the comings and goings or ups and downs of my book’s  status on amazon.co.uk Which Way Switch. I find myself looking far too frequently at its various positions in the top 100 of any category it fits into. Then I look at its overall performance amongst all the books on Amazon and it feels quite disheartening.

I need to remember why I wrote the book…it was for my own pleasure first and foremost- the fact that I can write and enjoy doing it. Hopefully, other people will enjoy what I write too; that is the reason I decided to publish as an ebook first, then move on to a paperback version. The other factor though is that is was aimed at 9 to 12 -year-olds and will they be trawling through Kindle store looking for their next good book to read? Will be their parents doing the searching on their behalf? I have found that the adults I know who have bought the book, enjoyed it too when I’ve had feedback. Thinking of other success stories e.g Harry Potter books (which were originally aimed at the younger reader ) what was it that made the breakthrough to all ages clamouring for those books? Will people start queuing outside bookstores for the latest novel from my series?  Do I really want that sort of fame and fortune? My initial thoughts are: not that much…at this time. Maybe later I might change my mind. But for now…I must try to continue with the sequel to Which Way Switch and try not to peek at the ratings too often. ( ooh it’s just crept back up to number 22 in the time travel section)

Maybe another cup of coffee will help or some cakey stuff. 


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